Veg Out Life

A Long Island plant-based, vegan food company focused on individual meals and holiday catering services.

Helping Long Island live that Veg Out Life one dish at a time!

Always fresh. always vegan.

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Our holiday menus focus on more traditional foods for the occasion but with a vegan flare

We believe special occasions are a time to indulge! Our holiday menus always feature more indulgent items to please even your pickiest omnivore guests!

food gallery

From top left: Creamy Garlic Pasta, Southwest Salad, House Green Salad, General Tso Soy Curls, Stuffed Acorn Squash from our Thanksgiving Menu

From bottom left: Sweet Potato & Apple Casserole from our Thanksgiving menu, Candy Cane Fudge & Rainbow Cookies from our Holiday Sweet Treats Menu


Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We offer FREE delivery south of Sunrise Highway between Oceanside and Babylon. Outside this zone? Contact for pricing.

Q: Do you work in a dedicated vegan kitchen?

A: We work in a shared kitchen. Cross-contamination is always a risk but we follow best practices to avoid this.

Q: Are any of your menu items gluten-free?

A: We often offer many gluten-friendly items! We do not work in a celiac-safe facility but we frequently use gluten-free products. We try our best to label gluten-friendly products as (GF) but we don’t always remember. If the description sounds like it’s made without gluten but it doesn’t say, ask!

Q: Is your food healthy?

A: We try to balance all our meals with a grain, protein, and vegetable. We use minimal oil and salt and minimally processed ingredients. This is not a weight loss program but some people that stick to a minimally processed diet of mostly plants may see that benefit.

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